What is TheRank.net?

Originally published as "The Division 1-A Collegiate Football Objective Ranking System", TheRank.net has grown from offering a simple college football rating system to hosting a website that offers rankings throughout a wide range of associations in college football.

Why rankings on TheRank.net may look drastically different compared to national human polls

TheRank.net offers objective rankings based on an average per game system and not through a system totaled from season statistics.

Ratings are calculated as soon as scores are entered. This gives viewers an opportunity to view an updated ranking shortly after a contest has been decided.

TheRank.net Competitive Rankings rate programs based on previous contests and strength of opponents played. A team would be rewarded if they defeat a winning program, whereas a team that would be defeated by a weaker opponent would be penalized in the rankings.

TheRank.net Point Margin Rankings use the same formula as the Competitive Rankings while also including a point margin variable within each contest.

TheRank.net Schedule Rankings show the results from a method based primarily on strength from opponents played and not through upcoming opponents.

Ratings published on TheRank.net promote how a team has competed alongside their own schedule strength. This online publication is not a barometer on whether or not a team should defeat another team ranked at or near its own rating. However, this rating system offers consideration that teams located within the rankings of upcoming opponents should present a competitive matchup based on the results through scheduled competition.

As TheRank.net evolves, the formulae will remain simple. First degree schedule strength plays the most important role in deciding the competitive factor of a team. For instance, if a team wins then that team gains in their game rating through victory while the opponent drops in their game rating through defeat. The standards of whether or not teams play are incorporated into TheRank.net Competitive Rankings and Point Margin Rankings.

We attempt to release as much rating information onto this web site to allow users to see rankings from another perspective. The rating indices are placed online to show how close teams are in relation to other teams based through previous competition.

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